Tuesday, 12 March 2013

This guy...

Okay, so i have so much stuff going on at the moment and i don't think that schools the place to talk. Its about boys and everything i mean c'mon they're pretty confusing sometimes and can be dicks but at the end of the day, that doesn't matter...does it? Isn't love meant to be about trust and happiness? i don't know anymore...There is this guy in my class and I've liked him for about a year now and cant let him go, a few months ago he kept texting me and telling me about how me fancied me at the start of year 8? i was wondering why he was telling me this then, not at the time! yeah, i was kinda pissed because he didn't tell me because i liked him then too!!! but last month was the best time of my life... he started texting me again with 11 kisses!! and telling me about his life and asking all about mine. If there was something wrong or that had upset me, he would've tried to find out what it was which i thought was so cute:) we would hang out at school and flirt a lot but nothing ever happened...:(
but about 2 weeks ago this ended and he started liking someone else very quickly because there was loads of shit going around about me:( which anyone at my school reading this, WASN'T TRUE!!! so there. thats a small bit of my life i don't understand

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